Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Paper Pumpkin in a Pinch

Here's the scene:
It's Valentine's day. I have spent the last week helping my two kiddos make Valentine holder boxes, preparing treats and valentines for friends, teachers and family, having six-year-old Henry write out thank you letters to all his friends and family for birthday presents (SO fun, but tedious!!). So, what happened? I forgot to prepare something special for my sweetie husband. Oh no!

Paper Pumpkin to the rescue! Seriously, I grabbed the box on my way to work, and once I got out of my classes (I teach at a local college for my bread and butter), I pulled everything out. This is what my desk looked like:

Prepare yourself for some LOW resolution photos! But, look at all the goodies I had. Stickers, adorable stamps, an ink spot and a few scant office supplies I already had. I chose to make "Post-It Love Notes" and stick them all over his office (thankfully, we work together; as a matter of fact, our offices share a wall. I just heard him sneeze).

Here's what I came up with. They're cute! And what a surprise for him!

Here is where I hid all the goodies. I think my husband's office space is so sad looking. I really just wanted to take a little vacuum to the whole thing, but I refrained.  

But I couldn't leave my own office untouched! I took the hearts and roses I thought I'd use (but didn't) and stuck them to my office door. So cheery!

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The moral of the story is: 
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