Thursday, February 20, 2014

Evolution of a Card

Creativity is rarely organic and lovely. At least in my world. It's hard to be creative, and I don't think we share that messy, hard and frustrating process enough, so I wanted to document the behind-the-scenes trial and error that goes into designing a card. Sure, sometimes a project comes together without a whole lot of trouble. But, sometimes (dare I even say it?) I chuck an idea altogether after messing around with it for hours. So, most of the time, creativity is not "inspiration" but "perspiration," as the saying goes. So, I thought I'd model my process:

Step 1: Idea
I got all my workshop orders together for delivery and wanted to put a SIMPLE "thank you" card in with the order. Ha!

Step 2: Handy Stamp
The "People Like You" stamp was sitting on my desk, leftover from my mom who wanted to show me her order and forgot to take it home. Yay! It is one, simple stamp, so I should be good to go. Just stamp that sucker on a piece of cardstock, stick it in the bag, and VOILA! I grabbed the closest scarp of cardstock I had (crumb cake) and stamped my little heart out. It looked sad and drab.

Step 3: Choose a new background
I needed something cheery; So Saffron worked.

As much as I really wanted the card to be done, it needed some contrast. I know I could have left it alone, but the coordinating Decorative Label Punch was too hard to resist:

Now it needed something shiny. The dark stamp was pretty, but two little rhinestones ought to do it . . .

Ok, it's closer, but I needed more white to balance the punch. One thing always leads to another. I saw some Tea Lace Paper Doilies and wondered if that would work. Kind of. But, I didn't love it. When I ripped it off, the doily tore, and it made a cool effect, so I bunched up some more along the edge and came up with this:

Hmm, almost. The white kind of vanishes into the left side of the card. It needs definition. A ribbon, maybe?
 Yes! The Black Chevron Ribbon is perfect! It's done!

Thanks for following my process. What inspires you to start projects? How do your projects evolve? I'd love to hear from you!