Thursday, April 2, 2015

Paper Pumpkin Organization!

Today, I would like to show off one of my favorite posts from the "archive" that uses one of the framelits on sale this week! Enjoy . . .

This is one of those days where one thing leads to another. Most of my (our) days are like that, I'm sure. I go to start the laundry, find all the kids' clothes inside out. I call the kiddos to come down and turn their clothes right side out (or "unside out" as Henry says) only to be ignored. So, I go up upstairs (two flights) to get them to come down; instead, I end up helping Annie fix her doll dress then realize Henry has toothpaste in his hair . . . You get the point. The laundry does not get done. So, this is my crafting connect-the-dots day:

I was inspired by a card I saw on Stampin' Up!'s blog, using the Word Bubble Framelits as stencils. 

$24.95 $18.71

All I needed was a spritzer with reinker, cardstock and the framelits . . . check, check, check!  Whoo hoo!

Once I got the background done, I realized that I needed a sentiment to fit into one of the word bubbles. 


Not just any sentiment will do, you know. It has to be something that someone might utter. No one would utter, "Thinking of You" or "Happy Anniversary" in a standard serif font. That just wouldn't do. 

If you're like me, you don't own everything in the catalog, so your resources are limited. If you are not like me, then what are you doing reading my blog? Go play with your stuff, for cryin' out loud! Anyway, I hit a wall, and couldn't find a sentiment that was appropriately pithy and adorable. 

So, instead of proceeding, I did something else. So . . .

I have been piling up My Paper Pumpkin boxes for a few months and wondered what joys I had forgotten lurked there. If you are not a My Paper Pumpkin subscriber, whoa, Nellie, you don't know what you're missing! You cannot imagine the joy that surges through you when you get that shiny red box in the mail! Seriously, that kind of joy should be reserved only for Christmas.

But the point is that I forget what stamps are in the shiny red boxes and what accessories I might have left over. Sorting and organizing MPP sounded like a lot more fun than laundry. I came up with this: 

Each box has its own instruction sheet, so I trimmed the top off and taped it to the edge. Then, I hung all the stamps on the outside (why not?). I can see what I have and it's easy to access. I then took the rest of the instruction sheet and stuck it on the top so I could see the suggested design to jump start my brain when I forget what a "Memo Medley" is.

So practical! And then guess what I found?!! Check out that "Hey there, friend" stamp on the starter kit! Another problem solved!

Here's my finished card: 

What are you doing with your My Paper Pumpkin boxes? I'd love to hear from you!