Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lid Ornaments

If you have the right kind of can opener, you might be throwing away a really valuable craft item! Years ago, I bought an OXO opener that was supposed to "change my life" and not kill my children. Apparently, there was an unprecedented number of can lid-deaths that year because this new device was designed to remove the lethal edges from my cans of corn. Well, after a few years of finally figuring out how to make it work, I have to say that I do like it. And, my children haven't died, so I'm sure I can thank the opener for that. 

What I didn't expect was that the can opener would create for me a perfect canvas for a craft project!

Because the opener cleanly lifts the entire top of the can off, the lid is whole and smooth! Well, shoot! I can do LOTS of things with a flat circle of metal!

Now, being a busy mommy (who is just obsessed with opening cans, now) I designed a couple "lid ornaments" (I know, I'm so clever with my names), but I didn't like them as much as ones my mother executed. Those darn mothers always do such nice work. They're so simple, but so pretty! And, as a bonus, they're double sided!

Being the smart woman she is, she used current Stampin' Up! products. I, on the other hand, rummaged around to find last year's stuff and came up with this: 

It's not nearly as sparkly, and it's even sideways, so what can I say?

Have fun with your own creations!