Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Twelve Days of Christmas!

This year, I actually got my act together for teacher gifts. I was browsing Pinterest and found this great idea from Mandy Douglass, which you can see here: Mandy Douglass.

She decided to get a group of people together to donate items from a "Twelve Days of Christmas" list that would then be assembled by individuals in the group and then donated to those in need. 

Well, since I don't like people, I decided that I was not going to work with others on my version of this project. But, I did need a teacher gift, and I had a lot of leftover items from my craft fair (sigh), so: brainstorm!

I purchased this fabulous bag from a wonderful lady at the craft fair where I was supposed to be selling items (I bought more than I sold!), and then decided to fill it with stuff that I made. I used Mandy's download for the "12 Days" and made up my own poems to go with! Here is day #1:

The idea of this was lost on my kids, though. The first day, Henry came home and pulled the bag out of his backpack. 

"Why didn't you give it to your teacher?"
"Because there was nothing in it."


Annie, on the other hand, gave her teacher the bag, but then told her she would get a gift to put in it every twelve days.

I think her teacher can figure it out, though. 

So, stay tuned for the next 12 days to see their surprises!