Tuesday, December 9, 2014

On the 4th Day of Christmas . . .

Alison brings to you a bag full of Grinch Pills!

I'm not altogether sure if these "pills" make us grinchy or cure us of our grinchiness, but either way, I want one.

This is more punch art. I really love punch art. Punches are a great investment. They are useful for so many projects, they're hard to break (so I let my kids use them) and the opportunities for play are endless. Here are the components to my Grinch head:

You might be wondering about that Cupcake Builder. The little "sprinkles" make the perfect sized eyes. The smallest flower in the Boho Blossoms is the white fur ball on top of the Grinch's hat, the 3/4 inch circle punch are his yellow eyes, and the best part is the "What's Up?" punch. I used that to make his eyebrows, or what I call, his "Angry Eyes."

I hope you like today's project. I have more punch art coming your way this week (surprise, surprise). But, speaking of punches, don't miss this week's Weekly Deals. The Hexagon punch, which I featured yesterday in my Lego Chima Laval, is on sale this week! Buy it. You can never have too many punches, and you never know what you'll need a hexagon.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, stay crafty!