Monday, July 11, 2016

Camera Card (or why you shouldn't sell your stuff . . .)

This weekend, I had my annual craft sale. I say "annual" like I do it every year. 

But this year was different. I actually lugged all the stuff (I mean "treasures") from the various nooks I'd squished (I mean “carefully packed”) it into and sorted, priced and organized.

I even advertised! I was ready to go.

Then a horrible thing happened.

In the middle of my sale, my husband asked if I had a birthday card with a "camera theme" for his dad. I went through my pile of cards. Nope.

So I did what any respectable crafter does and Googled “Paper Camera Cards.” I found a super example at Linda Aarhus’ Polka Dots and Paper (see her original post here:

But I had to improvise, and quick. When he asked me for the card, it was 11:00. We needed it in the mail by 1:00. Plus, in between I had customers and lunch to eat (can't craft on an empty stomach).

I started playing around and realized I wanted a real “lens” look. “Wait!” I thought to myself (I know that thoughts shouldn’t be in quotes, but just go with me here). I am selling what I need!
I scanned my table of "tools and other fun stuff" and saw that they were still there:

Ahhh! (That's the magical choir sound)
and to make it work, I needed my foam circles (also for sale):

And then through the magic of blogging, I ended up with this: 

And when it's all done, it's a cool toy!

So, pretty much everything I used on this card is retired: The Party Wishes Stamp set, the Sweet Treat Cups, the Circle Adhesive Foam stickers . . .

But if you really love it, you know where you can get it. Just drop me a line because they're all still sitting on the table!

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

Until next time, stay crafty!