Monday, November 4, 2013

My First Craft Show!

This Saturday was a big deal: my mom and I bought a table at our first craft show! It was a TON of work getting ready for the thing--my full-time job is nothing compared to all the time it takes to craft. Thankfully, I love it! Leading up to the craft show, my husband asked me, "How do you feel at the end of every day?" I think he meant to imply that I took on too much. I told him the truth: "I am exhausted." His forehead started to furrow until I said, "But at least I have something awesome to look forward to every day." He said, "Well, that's all that really matters then, right?" 


So, here is our booth! Whenever we do projects together, my mom and I name our business "AliPat"--our combined names.

I am sure there is a lot we could have improved upon, but we are so proud of our first adventure!

We didn't make ANY money. I don't know that we sold more than a handful of items, but we learned a lot and we laughed for 5 hours. That's payment enough, right?