Monday, February 24, 2014

Roses are . . . Crisp Cantaloupe!

I have already played with and posted about the Spiral Flower Originals Die, but I just stumbled on a cool trick I wanted to share.

I don't actually own this die. My mom bought it and I borrowed it, and she wanted it back (darn her anyway for wanting to play with her own supplies!). So, I chugged out a whole bunch in different colors before I gave it back to her. When I saw all the pretty templates sitting there, I decided to "marry" a couple (they were in love, you know). 

I placed the Crisp Cantaloupe and Calypso Coral templates on top of each other (keep your bawdy jokes to yourself, please . . .) and rolled until I had a dual color rose.

I then did the same with Pistachio Pudding and Pool Party. 

What's also nice is that this method makes fatter roses, which gives a nice variety if you bunch them together.  

What have you done with the Spiral Flowers Die? Any tricks you have learned?