Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Heartfelt Banner Beauty

You may have overlooked the Heartfelt Banner Kit (133514 $19.95 FREE!) in the Sale-a-Bration catalog; I know I did. Though, now I think it's the best deal in the whole catalog. First, let me detail everything one gets in this amazing kit:
kit includes 
• 6 die-cut Designer Series Paper banners (3 each 
of 2 designs; largest banner: 2-1/2" x 4")
• 5 doilies (4" diam.), 9 felt balls (1")
• 9 die-cut fabric canvas banners 
- 2 each of 3 designs (largest banner: 3-3/4" x 5")
- 3 each of 1 design (3" x 5")
• 7 mini wooden clothespins
• 2 pieces of Natural Linen Thread (6' ea.)
• 1 needle (2-1/8")

I know!! There is SO much! And it's FREE when you order $50 of merchandise from any current catalog!

Ok, so assembly could not be any easier. I did it in five minutes while talking on the phone with a friend.  All the pieces come pre-pierced, and the needle (I know! How cool that we get a needle!) has an eye large enough to accommodate the twine. The needle just swims through the holes beautifully. 

It was so easy, in fact, that it didn't calm that creative craving, so of course I had to add my own touches.

Remember my post about "Dip Dye Delight?" (If not, click here.) I still had some of the ribbon from that technique that was waiting to be showcased in the perfect way. 

Enter the Heartfelt Banner!

Oh, and all those roses from my "Roses Are . . . Crisp Cantaloupe" post? (again, click here)

They were perfect!


But, this isn't even all you get! You also get these super cool felt balls that you can turn into its own banner! You really get two banners. In the picture, the two are shown together, but they really are separate (you get two strings of pre-measured and pre-cut twine). So, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with those felt balls yet. But I'd love some of your ideas.

Interested in creating your own banner from this kit? Contact me or click here to order now!