Monday, February 10, 2014

What DOES the Fox Say?

Ok, the "Life in the Forest" stamp set is so cute, but I couldn't think of how or when I would use it.

I'm not really much on water coloring. Then again, they were just SOOO cute. So I got them, and as soon as I saw the fox, I knew what I had to do.

If you have kids (or maybe even if not) you probably know that gawd-awful "What Does the Fox Say?" song. I don't understand it, and I haven't really tried. But, my husband organized the trivia night at our kids' school, and when asking the kiddos for pop music faves to frame as questions, he was inundated with requests for this song, to which he replied, "that's a joke, right?" I wish.

Valentines is approaching, and since I'm not into sappy cards, a play on the "fox" idea seemed perfect.

Here's my "Foxy" card:

"Yippee Skippee" Wood: 131341 ($18.95)
Clear: 131344 ($14.95)
Word Bubbles Framelits Dies
I used the aforementioned "Life in the Forest" set, the "Yippee Skippee" set for the sentiment, and the "Word Bubble" Framelits to cut it out.

Not surprisingly, on the inside, I have written, "That's what the fox says."

Cute. Silly. Personal. Perfect.