Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Swallowtail Week: Day 2

I will feature five projects this week (one each day, M-F), and you can have them (yes, completed projects!) either one of two ways:
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2. Order the "Cards of the Week" to get the completed projects on their own.
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Today's project requires a few steps, so I thought I'd walk through it picture by picture. It's a kind of pop-up card. The left wing is stamped directly on the cardstock and the right wing pops up off the page!
Step 1:
Stamp the left wing by masking the right wing. You don't have to worry about the body of the butterfly; that will be fixed in a moment. 
After you have stamped it in Staz On, you can use your sponges to color. But first, you have to make a stencil. This takes some time, but once you do it, you can store it in the box with the stamp. 

Step 2:
Stamp and sponge the right wing on a separate piece of cardstock and then cut it out with the paper snips. 

Step 3: 
Stamp the body of the Swallowtail on a separate piece of paper and then cut it out. Then, adhere it to the case of the card.

 Step 4: 
cut a strip of the window sheet, fold it in half and then place it under the right wing. Use dots to adhere it to the right side of the butterfly.

TA DAHHH! Isn't it pretty??!

Materials List

Thank you for looking! Check back in tomorrow for the next installment of Swallowtail Week!

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