Monday, September 29, 2014

And the Stamp of the Week Is . . .

Brutus Buckeye! Wait, what? 

Ok, the stamp of the week isn't a crazed looking nut—aka “Brutus Buckeye” (I hope you know what that is, but if you don't, it's the Ohio State University mascot--OSU is my alma mater).

I had my Christmas ‘Round the Year club yesterday, and one of my members had “Pinned” a recipe for “Buckeye Brownies.” When I saw her pin, my mind exploded a little and my stomach said, “Oh, pleeeease!!!”

I bribed people into coming to my club by telling them that I’d provide these Buckeye Brownies. That way, I had an excuse to make them. Plus, Ohio State played Cincinnati on Saturday evening, so there was that.

To top it all off, we realized during parent orientation that Annie’s teacher is a huge Ohio State fan. It was meant to be!

What does this have to do with the stamp of the month?

I’m getting there!  Geeesh.

So I made the Buckeye Brownies, we ate them during the game, during the stamp club and during the moments when no one was looking.

They were yummy.

I took the few I had left and put them in a box for Annie’s teacher. Then I realized that I should make a tag. Duh! But what to put on it? Aha! Brutus! It couldn’t be that hard. If he only had a round head! But he doesn't, which presented a few challenges, but nothing I couldn't tackle (ha, ha! Football. Tackle!)

This morning I was packaging up the brownies, wondering if other moms spend hours making a sports-themed tag for their kid’s teacher when I realized that Henry has a teacher, too. Well, I couldn't give a bunch of brownies to one teacher and ignore the other.

Could I?

I toyed with that idea for about 30 seconds, looked at the clock and then realized I still had 15 minutes until the bus came.

I could do it!

And here, my friends, is the “Stamp of the Week”:

And here is what I did with it:

And here are my "thrilled" children who have to tote these gifts to school:

 Displaying photo 1.JPG
It’s clear that Henry is very excited. 

Here is the product list for this project, which is really simple. It clearly only took me a few minutes to throw it together! 

Thank you for tolerating my Monday wanderings. If you like this set, then tune in tomorrow for another! I also hope you enjoy my other offerings. Please click below to check them out.

Until later, happy crafting!