Friday, October 17, 2014

Cheerful Christmas: It Isn't Just for Christmas

Iknow I haven't posted every day this week. I don't need to go into the long list of things that have occupied my time, but I will anyway.

My Grandma is turning 90 on Saturday (yes, this Saturday), and so there's a par-tay to organize for her. Here to help is my west-coast family: my Aunt Karen and cousin Ricky from California and my cousin Kati from Las Vegas (if you missed our team project--an AliKat Design, click HERE). 

They are all staying with me, my husband and our two kiddos. Oh, and did I mention Kati has an Old English Sheep dog? Let's just say there's a lot of love in our house right now.

I also have a “real” job (blerg) that takes me away from my family during the day which makes me sad. Plus, there's the usual soccer, piano, PTC meetings, homework, math challenges, school picture day and other extra curriculars that I can't hit "pause" on.

So, it's been a busy time and we have mostly been trying to just stay sane and rested. That didn't work out for my poor mother who has been coming over every day to visit with the fam. She got a cold. Then Kati got the cold (she denies she's sick). So, in between those things, we have been trying to get some work done on grandma's party--the whole reason for the visit!

The theme for her party is Norway. That's our ancestry, so we thought going back to our roots to celebrate her life would be a nice tribute. I immediately thought of our Cheerful Christmas set. 

The party is kind of a free-for-all (like our lives right now). There's no sit-down dinner, no formal place settings or anything like that, but I wanted to integrate this stamp set somehow into the decor. BANNERS!

So that’s where we started. Then my mom brought over her Larger Thank Life Alphabet & Numbers set so we could add words to the banner.

We made four: “Happy,” “Birthday,” “Claryce” and “Norway”

Here’s Norway:

I'm thinking we'll arrange them on a display board next to a running projection of pictures from her life, but we'll see. I will post pictures from the party once we get it all set up tomorrow.

Then, I wanted to give her a little token gift in addition to her real present (I mean, seriously, what do you get a ninety-year-old?)

Thank you cards! And they had to be packaged up in a really cute way, so here they are:

Notice the Nordic Noel Button? I love them!

Just a little Real Red and Pacific Point ink stamped on our notecards. It's so simple.

Of course they're thematic. I know she'll love them, and she will probably refuse to use them. She always does that to me.

Ok, my list today is long and the morning is growing short. Stay tuned for more details from the party tomorrow. I'm so excited!

Thanks for tuning in! Until tomorrow, stay crafty!


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