Sunday, October 19, 2014

THE Party . . .

Grandma turned 90! Isn't she adorable in her tiara?

The party is over, and it was fabulous! Grandma said that it came together “seemingly effortlessly,” which is exactly how we wanted it to feel (even though it felt like anything else to us!). Ole Johnny Dahle from Norway even Facetimed us, which was exciting.

We had Norwegian food, some thematic decorations (you've had glimpses of those this week!). But the highlight was something my mom spent weeks putting together.

Apparently, grandma was attending a funeral where there was a slideshow memorial. Grandma turned to mom and said, “I bet she would have liked to see that while she was alive!”

You got it, Grandma!

You might notice the Norwegian banners around the screen. We also had cake:

I didn't make that, but I did make the rosette cookies with my Wafelbakerai. They were a hit!

And no Norwegian party is complete without Lefse--the Scandinavian version of a tortilla (except that it's made from potatoes instead of corn or flour).

Here's my cousin Kati, holding her niece Maddy. Both Kati and I had nametags stating, "Claryce's favorite grand-daughter." I think we all know who that really is, right Kati? 

In fact, Mom made nametags for all Grandma's friends, and every tag said, "Claryce's favorite friend." Grandma giggled when she saw that.

Actually, Grandma giggles all the time. And maybe that's her secret. If you want to live to be 90, eat ice cream every day and giggle. A lot.

Have a great day.