Monday, October 13, 2014

Crafting Fun with Family

This week, we have visitors! My cousins Kati and Ricky and my aunt Karen are visiting to get ready for my grandma's 90 birthday party on Saturday. They drove all the way from California for the big event, so they decided to make the trip worth their while. 

Of course the first thing we did was craft!

I showed Kati the Paper Pumpkin kit for October (I still hadn't put it together--I know, I know!). It was the perfect way to introduce her to stamping. Everything we need is in the kit. After the first couple of projects, she was doing all kinds of cool things: stamping off to make shadows, layering creatively, even coloring with markers!

I had a stray sequin which she suggested we put behind the skull to make it look like his eyes are glowing. We liked it so much, we had to go undo all the previous skulls and put sequins behind them.

Kati has had some horrifying run-ins with birds, so she thinks this candy bar is the perfect terrifying compliment to the wrapping.

The best part of the whole thing?

We got to spend time together. And that's what stamping is all about.

Wait until you see tomorrow's project. It was all Kati's idea!

Until then, stay crafty!


Be sure to check out the Paper Pumpkin link on the right. It's a perfect way to get started stamping and to have a fun box of surprises delivered to your door every month!