Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Paper Pumpkin Projects

When I got this month's Paper Pumpkin, I loved it! Cute little triangles with puffy yarn tops. Adorable. I made 4 and then made dinner.

A few days later, my kids' fundraiser items came home, and we all needed to organize and bag the goodies (and when I say, "we all," I mean "I").

So here I am bagging fundraiser items, and I'm thinking, "gee, these sure could use a little thank you note from the kids."

I ran downstairs and grabbed the Red Box, some scraps and adhesive, and called the kiddos over. I said the three magic words that bring them the most joy: "Go for it."

This is what they came up with (note the watermark!):

This is Henry’s card

This is Annie’s

And this is our collaboration!

And then inside each one, they had to write a note. Henry's only 6, so his writing and spelling are limited. I think it's adorable.

Of course I had to try my hand at some projects, too:

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