Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What to Do with Odd-Sized Gift Cards?

Our niece and nephew are teenagers now, and teenagers only want gift cards. Sigh. My husband went online to get them theater gift cards for a theater chain local to them (but not us). In order to get it to them, we had to print them out at home and then send the passes to them. It seemed so "un-fun." Plus, how would we send them these odd-shaped printed pieces of paper?

The Envelope Punch Board to the rescue! I trimmed the theater passes, folded them in half and then measured them to find a coordinating size on the punch board. One of the great things about the envelope punch board is that it has already figured out the "wiggle room" in its envelope sizes. All you have to do is find the "card size" on the chart, and then it figures out the coordinating envelope size, allowing for the extra space needed for the card to fit comfortably.

It turns out I needed a 10 by 10 inch piece of cardstock. I had Real Red laying around, so I figured it would be nice and festive, so I went with it.

They fit just perfectly!

Now, to adorn. What to do, what to do. 

As soon as I closed up the envelope, it struck me what this looked like: Santa's Belly!

I took a 1½ inch strip of Basic Black cardstock and wrapped it around. Nope. It didn't fit, but did I let that stop me? Yeah, right! Surely I could cover it up with something that looked like a buckle. Hmmm . . .

Ta Dah! A piece of Silver Foil through the Big Shot with the Top Note Die. Perfect! Now, I just needed a little rectangle to write the addresses.

Easy Peasy. Now these gift certificates look like little presents! Hooray!

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Until next time, stay crafty!