Sunday, October 16, 2016

Harry Potter Owl Post Class

Lest you think I relax on the weekends, I wanted to share our super fun Harry Potter Owl Post Class. My mom (of the famous "Coffee and Cards with Pat and Ali" video series) and I coordinated our efforts to put together this HP class. My family is obsessed with Harry Potter! Every year we do a party, but as we saw the calendar filling up this fall, we decided to pull together a class in less than a week! 

Yes. It can be done (especially when we already had most of the decorations from previous years). 

We designed 4 projects (well, one was really designed by our Paper Pumpkin gods and goddesses!!)

Here are the projects:
Paper Pumpkin Awesomeness!

This one features the Shaving Cream technique.
Kids LOVE this! I also used the bats from the
Cookie Cutter Halloween set.

The starry swoosh on this magical birthday card
features the Star of Light set from the Holiday
Catalog. I printed the quote on our vellum.

This one highlights the Playful Palette DSP and the
 retired stocking builder punch.
When the kids (I mean, wizards-in-training) arrive, they first had to eat:

These were so cool! I saw it o Pinterest, of course.

Then we went to Hagrid's Hut to make the shaving cream backgrounds

Then to get to Hogwarts, they had to traverse the Dursley's and all the Hogwarts letters . . .

  Then, once at Hogwarts, they have quills and ink wells waiting for them . . .

And an "Owlery" of course

And those darn proclamations . . .
During breaks between classes, they can visit Hogsmeade for a snack . . .

Then off to the Gryffindor Common Room . . .

Thanks for stopping by today! Now I need to go have a glass of "Butterbeer" and then take a nap. 

See you next time, and stay crafty!