Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tootin' My Horn

Hello, friends!

I heard about an opportunity through my bi-monthly phone calls with my SU! support person that SU! Product Development was searching for new product ideas that Stampin' Up! could incorporate with their existing product lines. My support person asked all his demos to submit as many ideas for new products as they could think of, so of course I participated. My first message to him was whether there was a limit to the number of submissions! He said no.


Fast forward a couple of months. Friday night, I got an email that Product Development took all the submitted ideas and narrowed them down to three. Mine was one of the three!

Whoo hoo! I don't know how big my pool of competitors was, but it's still exciting.

Here is the one idea they decided to "pursue further":

Problem this solves: This tool picks up and places teeny tiny objects that already have adhesive on them (those diabolical pearls and rhinestones). The pointed end is for teensy embellishments. The flat end is for bigger ones, acting like a shovel.

I will let you know if anything comes of it, but at the very least, it's exciting to have gotten this far. 

Thanks for looking! If you have any ideas for new products, let's hear it!