Friday, December 5, 2014

On the First Day of Christmas . . .

Yes, yet again we are doing the 12 days of Christmas for the kids' teachers. My husband thinks I like punishing myself. I think he's right. 

It's really not as bad as it seems. I have token gifts here and there, so it's not too much to modify them for teachers. Of course, a more organized parent-crafter might have already prepared all 12 gifts, so she could breezily throw each into the kids' backpacks every morning. 

But I'm not that crafter. 

This morning, I wiped the mud the dog tracked in with the closest thing I could find (Henry's dirty t-shirt, which had emerged, for some reason, on the floor of the kitchen). It was there, so I grabbed it, knelt down in my ratty pajamas where my glasses pivoted down my face, swinging madly. I tried pushing them up with the back of my hand (because, of course, my fingers are muddy and dog-haired). I sneezed, again forcing my glasses to fly off my face, then choked on my own coffee breath. This all while quizzing my daughter on her vocabulary words. 

So, my mornings are real mornings, so I get that it isn't easy to get things together in the morning. Or any time, really. 

But, I did have a few things leftover from my craft fair a few weeks ago. I didn't have time to make a cute little "12 Days of Christmas" poem or anything, but I did manage to put together a tag in about 2 minutes:

It took me more time to take the picture, download it, watermark it and upload it here than it did to make it (you're welcome).

Here are the materials for this little doo-dad:

I stuck the tag in an ornament box, and Bam! Gift done.


You, too, can make these awesome barn star ornaments by clicking HERE to read that post. You will need the Many Merry Stars Simply Created Kit and the Decorative Window Gift Boxes. They're going fast, so don't delay. 

I will post more "Days of Christmas" once I get some gift bags done for some children on Saturday. I'll probably show you those, too, so check back early and often.

Have a super day and until next time, stay crafty!